CryptoCoin Conference Cruise on the Thames

10am - 4pm, Weds 18th June 2014, London Technology Week

Join for a unique networking cruise, mini-conference upon the Thames in London Technology Week!

Launching from Westminster Pier @ 10am, please arrive no later than 9:30am...

Exhibiting at BoatCoinExpo:

Crypto-Currency Speakers:

Stanislav Wolf

Stanislav has a passion for digital currencies, was the co-founder of the first bitcoin conference in Germany and is one of the organizers of the World-Bitcoin-Forum. He explored the possibilities of digital currencies during his studies at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and was one of the first bitcoin users in Germany.

Alex Kotenko

Alex is the owner of and has been developing a Bitcoin Point-Of-Sale terminal for merchants 'XBTerminal'.

Stephan Tual

As CCO of Ethereum, Stephan's current focus is on smart contracts / smart property and the development of decentralized applications sitting on top of a blockchain infrastructure. He is particularly interested in the potential for societal change engendered by users regaining control over both their funds and personal information.

Simon Dixon

Simon Dixon is the CEO and co-founder of and is the author of the book 'Bank to the Future'. An active banking reformer and director of the UK CrowdFunding Association, Simon regularly speaks on the future of finance to governments, businesses, investors and financial institutions.

Olly Wasser

Olly Wasser of, is an active Crypto and Altcoin enthusiast. He runs the London Altcoin Meetup group, and is regularly at the London Bitcoin and Ethereum Meetups. He recently founded, the soon to be launched Altcoin for London. Studied Political Science Msc at Birkbeck University, he volunteered briefly at the money reform organisation, and also traded gold and other commodities for several years before becoming interested in Cryptocurrencies.

Niki Wiles

Niki heads up the Community Relations function at Counterparty, which is a peer-to-peer financial platform and distributed exchange built on Bitcoin. He has been involved with distributed finance since the early days of Bitcoin, and in his spare time, he runs, which is a private forum for cryptofinance entrepreneurs with an emphasis on networking and deal-making.

Ivo Mosley

Ivo has written extensively on democracy (lack of), and on the effects of unaccountable power. His latest book is In The Name of the People (2013). His next book, Robbery by Banks (to be published later this year) is an analysis of how banks are allowed to create our money supply, and the negative effects of this on equality and human freedom. He is interested in the possibility of cryptocurrency ousting bank-money and of good things emerging as a result.

Nicolas T. Courtois

Nicolas has written papers on Bitcoin, and worked as a cryptography engineer at the French smart card champion Gemalto. He is a highly influential cryptologist with more than 60 regular publications and more than 3700 citations. He is responsible for the cryptanalysis of many real-life ciphers used by hundreds of hundreds of millions of people every day,such as the Bluetooth cipher E0, the automobile cipher KeeLoq and the MiFare Classic Crypto-1 system which is used in public transportation and building access control.

1 x Boarding Pass @ £49.99

Day access to the first BoatCoinExpo.

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